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Have a look at the feedback from our happy clients.

Wow, I was actually surprised by how comfortable the treatment was. Janet was very informative and answered all of my questions, even the silly ones. Would definitely recommend.  

- Amanda T.


I have had problems with ingrowns for years. When I found out that laser hair removal gets rid of those I couldn't wait to get the treatment done. I was very pleased with the service and with just one visit so far I have seen a huge difference. I'm excited for my next visit. 

- Kaitlyn F.


I'm so glad I got it over with. I was so nervous but when Janet explained everything to me and gave me just one test spot so I could feel it, All of my Anxiety went away. I was pleasantly surprised on how fast the actual service was. I love the results I am seeing so far. 

- Natalie R.


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